Clean Energy that will last a lifetime.
Clean Energy that will last a lifetime.


Our Values

Here at Cambrian Park and Leisure Homes we combine our passion for delivering the highest quality bespoke lodges to customers with a commitment to sourcing the most sustainable materials to produce them from.

All of our lodges are built to a high quality specification which exceeds BS3632, the British standard for the manufacture of residential park homes.

We responsibly source all of the timber and timber based products used in the manufacture of our lodges and ensure that all of the materials are legally harvested.

We only work in partnership with suppliers who share our ethos of sourcing materials responsibly and customers are welcome to visit our factory in Porthmadog to see our expert craftsmen using the sustainable materials that we use in the production of our bespoke lodges.

Our dedication to responsibly sourcing the materials we work with serves many benefits to our business, employees and our local environment. By using sustainable materials, we are helping to reduce carbon emissions, create less waste for landfill, improving the air quality in our factory and reducing our employees’ exposure to toxic materials such as carcinogens, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and mould spores which are often found in non-sustainable building materials.

Green Energy


We are committed to investing in new, innovative ways of working which will make us an environmentally friendly manufacturer. One way in which we are achieving this is through our investment in a high specification biomass boiler.

This biomass boiler enables us turn any waste products from the manufacturing process of our lodges into heat for our offices and factory in North Wales.

By turning our waste wood materials into fuel for our biomass boiler, we are heating our premises using a carbon neutral form of energy and reducing our carbon footprint, something we are passionate about when we work in an area as beautiful as North Wales.

Our biomass boiler is highly efficient because it does not waste fuel and heat; the CO2 that is created through its combustion process is equal to that consumed by the trees we burn or that which would be released by the rotting matter after its natural expiration.